2nd : Herbert Schuermann
3rd : Ralph Schuermann
3 Generations of Cycle Track Designers

1st Generation
Clemens Schuermann
(1888 - 1957)
Professional Cyclist and Architect

Clemens Schuermann as cyclist
Clemens Schuermann, born in 1888, had the need for cycling already in his blood.   

As a young boy he often "borrowed"  his brother's bicycle -at this time not everybody had one- just to go and try it out on the roads. Finally his parents couldn't deny his ambitions and got him his own bike.   

Clemens Schuermann as  young racer
Clemens Schuermann, successful sprinter of his time (Paris 1913) 
Around 1910 he was already among the best cyclists, his favorite discipline being the sprint. He turned professional and used the money, which he earned in the  summer season, to finance his studies of architecture during the winter time. But when he met his future wife, he had to promise her to stop cycling, since she considered this sport as being too dangerous. 
 World War I stopped his career and he ended up with a shot through his knee. When he asked his doctor what he could do to treat his stiffening knee, the doctor strongly proposed pedaling movements of the leg.   
              ! Clemens was back to cycling !
 Clemes Schuermann and his famous muscles After that he reached the peak of his career. He  competed against all international sprint stars of  his time (Ruett, Arend, Ellegaard, Jacquelin, Major Taylor etc.)  and was considered to be among the top ten of  the world sprinters. He took part in the World-Championships 1908 and 1913 and was European Vice-Champion in sprint in 1908 behind Ellegaard.    
His muscle packed arms were famous and he did not only once break off the handle-bar of his bike.
Sprinter Clemens Schuermann in front
 Clemens Schuermann with the first helmet
During this time he also invented the first cycling helmet.   After cutting off the top of a police helmet he covered it with a dark stocking of his wife, in order to make it less shiny, and used it furtheron as a protection in his races.    

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