1st : Clemens Schuermann
2nd : Herbert Schuermann
3 Generations of Cycle Track Designers

3rd Generation
Ralph Schuermann
Architect and Dipl.Ing.
Expert for Velodromes and Cycle Tracks

Ralph Schürmann was born in 1953.  

Although born into a family of cycling he never himself competed in the cycling sport himself. Once -during a 6-day-race in Münster- his father Herbert put him on a track bike and held him vertical to the surface into the center of the curve, which had some 56 degrees inclination. This was it for track cycling and Ralph. Even a beautiful "Cinelli" children-racing bike, which his father brought home from a job in Italy couldn't help.  

Only later -after building tracks himself- he overcame this impressing experience and learned to ride a track. 

Ralph had a traditional humanistic and scientific education and already early accompanied his father to many building sites of cycle tracks.  
Being still in the school he already helped his father to calculate tracks (at this time still on mechanical calculation machines).  

In 1971 he could make his first practical experiences of building, when he was part of the carpenter crew for the Olympic track of Munich.

Ralph Schuermann on the building site in Berlin

Following the family tradition Ralph almost "automatically" started his studies in the field of architecture in 1973, which ended in 1982 after engineering and architectural diplomas at the academy of Münster and the Technical University of Aachen.  
Like his father he first made his own experiences as an employed architect with normal architectural tasks, but when the health of his father Herbert went worse in 1985, he joined the family office and started to continue the family tradition of designing cycle tracks. Together with his father he designed and built his first tracks and was introduced into all secrets and techniques of designing and building tracks.    

Since then he has already built 11 international tracks on his own. His masterpiece so far was the track for the World Championships in Hamar / Norway, on which not less then 4 world records were broken. 

Herbert + Ralph Schuermann during consultations
Cycling Stadium Cologne Ralph is very much interested in the scientific aspect of track design.  
With today's help of sophisticated computers and own programs he is analyzing the design criteria of  all the tracks, which have been built by the Schürmann-family and tries to still improve and refine the design methods. The basis of all is nevertheless still the practical and reliable experience of grandfather Clemens and his very successful evolution process.  

In addition Ralph is not only designing the tracks, but also the complete stadium (The Velodrome) or hall. His latest work is the Cycling stadium in Cologne / Germany, which was finished in 1996. 

In cooperation with the Union Cycliste Internationale UCI and the International Working Group for Sport Facilities IAKS Ralph published a very successful booklet about the general design criteria of velodromes (Project Guide Velodromes) . It shall serve as a guide to architects or communities, who for the first time deal with the subject of velodromes and cycle tracks and gives them the most needed information.  
Presently Ralph is working on the new edition. (A reprint of edition 1 is again available). 
Project Guide Velodromes
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