2nd : Herbert Schuermann
3rd : Ralph Schuermann
3 Generations of Cycle Track Designers

1st Generation
Clemens Schuermann
(1888 - 1957)
Professional Cyclist and Architect

Clemens Schürmann as sport director
In his later years Clemens Schürmann also was asked to be the sport director of the 6-day-races in his hometown Münster.   

Educated in the spirit of the last century and as an active believing catholic he guided the races in a very pure manner of sport.  

Knowing all tricks of the business he was a very strict and severe director, but very much evaluated and respected by the riders of this time.  
During the 6-day-race of 1952 he suffered a stroke and in 1957 Clemens Schürmann died at 69 years of age. 

Sport director Clemens Schuermann (right)
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