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SCHUERMANN ARCHITECTS * Schuerbusch 26 * 48163 Muenster * Germany

Velodrome No. 117
U C I   -   C M C
Aigle / Switzerland

200 m wooden track (2002)
This Cycling Centre must certainly be considered as one of the most ideal and innovative centres for Track Cycling, which have been built so far.

Stephen Roche said at the opening:
"Such a training centre each country should have".

The CMC is located next to the UCI-headquarters in Aigle / Switzerland, a small city, not far from Montreux at the Lake Geneva in Switzerland, in the heart of Europe.

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Quotes from the UCI-Presentation of their Centre 

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The project and it's origines:
On the border of the 21st century the creation of an optimal infrastructure became indispensable in the development of programmes for the entity of the members of the family of cycling, making a special effort for the young ones.

That is why the UCI has decided to create
containing in particular:
- the administrative seat of the UCI
- a indoor velodrome from wood (200m) and the outdoor sport installations
- a centre for training and education for all specialities of cycling:
  road, track, cyclo-cross, touristic cycling, BMX, trial, indoor cycling
- a centre of audiovisual documentation
- multi-sport installations allowing the practice of other sports
- a club house with restaurant
- all the technical and administrative rooms allowing a modern administration of this 
  unique project

The cycling disciplines in the multitude of sport
The first goal of the CMC will be, to offer a global equipment, versatile and ultra-modern, dedicated to all the listed sport disciplines

- Road cycling
in a very variable geographic environment, where plains and high mountains are united within a radius of 30 kilomters.
- Track cycling, Indoor cycling
which can permenantly be practised thanks to it's indoor velodrome and it's infield adapted to the needs.
- Touristic Cycling, BMX and Cyclo-Cross
on circuits and tracks, specially laid out for training

To this will be added the total infrastructure of the site, which is:
- multi-sport halles, weight-lifting and massage rooms
- workshops for material maintenance 
- lesson rooms, equipped with computer and audiovisual installations
- library and audiovisual areas
- conference facilities

The complete venue is being stimulated by specialists, trainers and professional teachers, who are engaged by the UCI and assisted -after needs- by selected specialised personnel.

In the same spirit the education and training for other kinds of sport are arranged:
Artistic Gymnastics, trampoline, volleyball or basketball

And this thanks to the versatility of the infrastructure of this centre.





* photo property of CMC-Aigle
Hall design: Pierre Grand - Architect/Lausanne
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The track design is -again-  a unique and individual design for exactly this intended purpose.
Since the track is intended to be a training venue for young riders from all around the world, but -on the other hand- must also be safe and competitive for other events, we have choosen a rather "round" shape, not favouring any special discipline. Nevertheless the straights had to be sufficiently long to enable tight sprint finishes.
Therefore our choice was an overall design proportion of LQ=2.22, which puts the track in the top class of multiple-purpose tracks like Berlin/GER, Barcelona/SPA or Minneapolis/USA.

Specially for this track we have yet refined our calculation methods by additional programm options, which has lead to our most modern design for such kind of track. The fast times, which have already been achieved on this track, confirm the concept.

The track is with 6,65 m unusually broad in terms of a 200 m track. The background for this was again the training issue and the desire to have more space available to training with bigger groups. Usually such tracks would be 5-6 m wide.
The whole track area is an integral design, consisting of the track itself, the blue-band and the safety zone. All parts are manufactured from wood, which presents a track image, which is unique and very plesant for the riders. 
Finally this is a result from the very good experiences with the World-Championship-Track in Hamar/Norway, where we tried such a design for the first time. The atmosphere of the Hamar track was praised by many participants and we all saw four fabulous World-Records there.
A new feature was favoured by the UCI itself, which showed a very good result. In Aigle the inside fence of the safety-zone is executed from security glass. Although a rather expensive solution (against nets) the impression in the building is stunning and very modern. 
We expect this solution to become the state-of-the-art for all tracks with sunken infields.
The track construction itself is completely from wood with a surface from specially selected pine-wood from Siberia. The surface with some 1'700 squaremeters is handfinished, smooth and very fast.
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Track length: 200 m
Track width: 6,65 m
Inclination max: ~ 47 degrees
Inclination min.  ~ 13 degrees
Speed max. 80 km/h
Construction: wood
Surface: wood
track construction costs without design fees and taxes: ~ 400'000 US$
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P  R  O  J  E  C  T Concept:       1998-1999
Realisation:  2000-2002
ADRESS: Centre Mondial du Cyclisme
Chemin de la Mêlée
CH 1860 AIGLE / Switzerland
CLIENT: Centre Mondial du Cyclisme
J.-P. Strebel, executive director
23, Av. de la Gare
CH-1003 Lausanne / Switzerland

Pierre Grand and Pascal Grand
Avenue du Grey 1
CH-1004 Lausanne /Switzerland

Surveillance et Garantie de la Construction SA
Route de Florrisant 116
CH-1206 Geneva / Switzerland

ARCHITECTS: Pascal Grand
Avenue du Grey 1
CH-1004 Lausanne /Switzerland

TEKHNE management SA
R. Braune, J.-D. Beuchat, Ph. Roulin
23, Av. de la Gare
CH-1003 Lausanne / Switzerland

TRACK ARCHITECT: Ralph Schürmann, Architect, Dipl.Eng.
Schuerbusch 26
D-48163 Muenster / Germany
Civil Engineers: Consortium DDP
Rue de la Gare 27
CH-1860 Aigle / Switzerland
Technical offices: Group TET

Betelec SA, 
Chemin Chantemerle 14, 
CH-1010 Lausanne

CCTB Grangier SA
Avenue de Général-Guisan 61 A, 
CH-1800 Vevey

ER Energies Rationnelles SA
Route de Préverenges 4

Sulzer Intra SA
CH-8404 Winterthur

Géotest SA
Rue de la Mébre 7
CH-1033 Cheseaux-sur-Lausanne

Interior Architect:
Phillipe Schuler SA
Rue du Grand-Chêne 8
CH-1003 Lausanne

Landscape architect:
Jean-Jacques Borgeaud
Rue Picard 9
CH-1003 Lausanne

B+C Ingénieurs SA
Place du MArché 6
CH-1860 Aigle

TOTAL PROJECT COSTS: ~ 29'000'000 SFR ( =~18'000'000 US$)

L  I  N  K  S
TEKHNE management SA
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Schuerbusch 26
D-48163 Muenster
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