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Velodromes and indoor athletics tracks have a lot in common, but.... also a lot of differences.
Cycling is done on two wheels and the forces are transferred to a track in a different way than in running, where the two feet of the athlet are touching the track in different locations.
The speeds are different and when you ask for a hard surface in cycling, in running you need the surface to be somewhat softer.

But, the principles are very similar.

Very often cycling and indoor athletics are combined, in order to make bigger use of the stadium. It is therefore one of our daily design tasks to connect the two kind of sports in one installation.

Indoor athletic tracks are preferably 200 m long, but may also have smaller sizes. They are built as a fixed installation, demountable or even as a mechanical, movable construction. They should have at least four lanes, but six lanes become more and more common.

The International Federation has proposed a kind of standard track, but very often this "standard" does not fit to the exsisting location, or to the additionally desired infield use or, or, or ....
Therefore it still remains the task of an experienced designer to adapt the running track design to the location in question. The international regulations leave room for this.

Since 1971 our office has designed so far more than a dozen running tracks, mainly in Central Europe. The preferred construction is a wooden sub-structure with a wooden running surface.
Most of the tracks have been covered with a synthetic MONDOâ-running surface.

Should you have questions, please feel free to turn to us (adress below).

Reference List
1 Warm-Up Hall Munich GER 1971 200 m
2 Olympic Hall Munich GER 1972 190 m demountable
3 Sport-school "End' der Welt" Magglingen SUI 1978 200 m demountable
4 Nixdorf Paderborn GER 1983 190 m
5 Athletics Hall Mannheim GER 1987 200 m
6 Athletics Hall LAC Quelle Fuerth GER 1989 200 m
7 Athletics Hall Ludwigshafen GER 1992 200 m
8 University Muenster GER 1992 200 m
9 Athletics Hall Erfurt GER 1994 200 m
10 Athletics Hall Chemnitz GER 1995 200 m
11 Velodrom Berlin GER 1997 200 m demountable
12 Ferry-Dusika-Stadium Vienna AUT 1999 200 m demountable
13 Athletics Hall TSV Bayer 04 Leverkusen GER 2000 200 m

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