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Cycle Track not any more available

This cycle track-beauty could have been YOURS
available indoor track
ideal for training, competition and 6-day-races
Technical Data:
Type: indoor track 
Underconstruction: triangular frames from wood
Surface:  wooden laths in the curves,  
wooden plates in the straight lines
Length: 166,666 m
Width:     6,00 m
Banking: ~ 13 degrees (straight lines)   
~ 54 degrees (curves)
Outside dimensions: ~ 37 m  x 76 m
Specialities: straight lines as a demountable construction 
mechanical gate in one curve
Age: ~ 40 years
Condition:  used, but well kept and still well usable
After only 4 weeks on the net this track has found a new home  

The owners of the track are very happy that it will not have to end up as fire wood, but that it will still live a second life as a cycle track.  
The track will be built up again in a sports-school and will serve as a training and competition facility for young riders.  

Cologne Sportshall, track dismanteling
Cologne Sportshall, taking off the surface

On July 14th 1998 the ministers of the Latvian Government have agreed to invest the money for moving the track to Latvia. It will be built up again in the sports school of Murjani, a small village only twenty minutes from the capital Riga.  

Cologne Sportshall, loading the track constructions

The track has been taken down in Cologne from the 14th until the 17th of September, loaded on trucks and been transported to Latvia. On the 21st of September the construction-parts have been unloaded in the sport-school of Murjani and are presently stored until the final use.   

Unloading the Cologne track in Murjani, Latvia

The only thing missing now is the hall for the former Cologne track. Presently designs are elaborated in order to find the most appropiate and economic solution for a simple training hall.  

Storing the track constructions in Murjani, Latvia

We will continue to update this page with the complete process of moving this track to the new location. 

Please check in regularly to follow the process 
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