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Velodrome Cologne 
Radstadion Köln-Müngersdorf

Albert-Richter Bahn 
Cologne Cycling Stadium
bird view of the stadium
Technical Track Data:
Type: outdoor track, half covered 
Underconstruction: wood
Surface:  hardwood-laths
Length: 250 m
Width:    7  m
Banking: ~ 13 to ~ 43 degrees 
Max. Speed 85 km/h = 53 mph
Year of building 1990
Category: high performance track, international standard
Track:   1'500'000 DEM =   850'000 US$ 
Stadium: 12'300'000 DEM = 6'850'000 US$

In 1985 there were the first ideas to build a new track cycling location in Cologne. Starting point was a Cycling Stadium with a track of international standard and 2'500 spectator seats. Taking in account the weather situation in Germany and assuring a permanent use of the installation, a cover of the track and the spectators were forseen. A complete cover = hall did not come into question because of the much higher investment. 

The stadium is located in the immediate neighborhood of the Cologne-football stadium and the German Sports University Cologne on the ground of a former concrete track. 

Herbert + Ralph Schuermann as specialists for sports installations of this type were trusted with the design and construction of the stadium and the track. 

In 1985 the total costs were estimated by the architects with 10'100'00 DEM = 5'600'000 US$. 
This amount was not possible to finance completey within the investment frames of the City of Cologne. Therefore in 1989 only the 1st step, the track itself, the inner security strips and a tunnel could be started. 
In the design of the track the stayer-sport, which has a long tradition in Cologne, had to be considered and it is laid out for top speeds of 85 km/h = 53 mph. 

Motorpacers with stayers at high speed

One of the design priciples was the sunken infield, which is situated 1,20 m (~4 feet) lower then the track itself. This principle guarantees a completey free view onto the track for all surrounding spectators, even with people in the infield. This priciple also helps to organize and control the access to the cycling track. 

The 1st building step was finished after only 6 months with an investment sum of 3'200'000 DEM = 1'780'000 US$. 

After the Federal State of North-Rhine-Westfalia added 5'000'000 DEM = 2'780'000 US$ to the financing package, the design process could proceed in 1993. 
The 2nd building step contained a grandstand with 2'500 single seats, a roof for the track and the grandstand plus a building for athletes and administration, situated underneath the main grandstand. 

Outside night view of the stadium (athlets entrance) 

The principle of this design step and its traffic streams is the consequent separation of spectators, athlets and administration. The choice of materials was determined by endurability, little maintenance and pratical usability. 
The costs for the 2nd step were estimated by the architects in 1993 with 10'600'000 DEM = 5'900'000 US$. 

This design was finally tendered among general contractors and completed in the beginning of 1996 after 13 months of building and within the frames of the cost estimation.

The spectators are led from the area entrance to two free standing staircases, which allow the access on level 2, the spectator level. Sanitary installations are situated in direct connection to the staircases in level 1. 
The spectator rows with 2'500 seats are accessible from the top only via the a surrounding traffic zone. Behind the spectator rows there are possibilities for another 2'000 standing spectators. For bigger events it is possible to install additional grandstands. 
An area for wheelchairs is forseen on the backstraight with a one level access directly from the parking area. 

The athlets level 0 is accesible by a separate entrance. In this level there are 6 large team cabins, a workshop, a first-aid and doping-control area, 2 trainer offices and the office of the stadium keeper. 
The riders can access the infield directly from this area through a tunnel. 

On level 1 ,underneath the grandstand, rooms for the stadium administration and  the organisation of competitions are situated. Here you also find an assembly area for receptions or club meetings as well as classrooms for seminars and theoretical training lessons. 
This area has direct access to the athlets and the spectator level, but is also accessible by a separate entrance directly from the staff parking. 

Underneath the grandstand of the backstraight there is still room for another 1'500 sqm = 16'150 sq ft of usable floor space, which was not possible to build within the frames of financing. 

Technical equipment 
The stadium is equipped with all necessary technical installations for events of bigger scale. A floodlight installation with 1'000 Lux on the track area allows also night events with color-TV transmissions. 

Opening hours 
The track is -thanks to the roof- usable all year through for cycling. 
The main users are the riders of the Cologne Cycling Clubs, the Cologne professional riders, the pupils of the Cologne schools, the students of the Sports University and the track cyclists of the Federal state team of North-Rhine Westfalia. 
In addition many riders from all over Germany and abroad come to Cologne for training sessions and seminars. 

The pack on the track                Michael Hübner and Jan van Eiden in full sprint on the Cologne track

The track is opened : 
Mid October - Mid April     Mon, Tue   9:00 - 15:30 h 
                                           Wed          9:00 - 21:00 h 
                                           Thu         10:00 - 14:30 h 
                                           Fri             9:00 - 12:00 h 
Mid April - Mid October     Mon-Fri     9:00 - 21:00 h 
                                           Sat, Sun     only for events 

How to get there? 
The highway-ring around Cologne allows to reach the stadium from all directions without crossing the city center. Exit Köln-Lövenich on the Highway A 1 will lead you within a few minutes to the stadium. 
Public transport via line 1, stop "Stadium" from the city center / main station. 

Events 1999  
May, 19th             Die Freitag Nacht (the friday night) with "Beergarden" and live music 
                            (Professional team race) 
June, 16th         Die Freitag Nacht (the friday night) with "Beergarden" and live music 
August, 25th  ; Die Freitag Nacht (the friday night) with "Beergarden" and live music 
More about the events and the track (in German)  

Adress and contact:
Stadt Köln
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Aachener Strasse (Stadion)
D-50933 Köln
Phone: +49 - 221 - 94 97 61 - 20
Fax:     +40 - 221 - 94 97 61 - 25

or via the architects
Schuermann Architekten
Attn.: Ralph Schuermann
Schuerbusch 26
D-48163 Muenster
Phone: +49 - 251 -712 450
Fax:    +49 - 251 - 712 311
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Photos on this page taken form booklet about the Cologne Cycling Stadium (City of Cologne). 
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