A plus Architects Ltd.

Latvian - German Architects

Architect (LV) mgr.arch.  Dace Kalvane

Architect Dipl.Eng. (TH)   Ralph Schürmann

Terbatas iela 34

LV - 1011 RIGA / Latvia

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00371 - 728 2722

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00371 - 948 0702

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Who are we ?



The office was originally founded in Riga/Latvia in 1991 by the Architect 
Dace Kalvane (born 1963) and two other collegues under the name of "A 2".

In 1993 the Architect Ralph Schürmann (born 1953) from Münster/Germany joined forces with "A 2" and the new office was reorganized and renamed to 
"A plus".

The office is taking benefit from the experience in both countries. 
Whereby the Latvian branch of "A plus" is very much experienced with all local specialities, rules and conditions, the German branch is supplying information about the latest development in the building industry, modern techniques, alternative design and construction approaches, economical and ecological viewpoints and purchase sources for material.

Very common tasks in Latvia are -due to the big number of older, solid buildings- the renovation and rebuilding of exsisting houses or the conversion into modern business spaces, shops, cafés and individual appartments.
Following the general economical progress of the Republic of Latvia lately nevertheless also new buildings become more and more demanding tasks for architects.

In Germany "A plus" has worked already in many fields -from individual housing to large scale public buildings. Dace Kalvane had the main influence on the renovation and enlargement of the Congress Center in Münster/Germany, a project of more than 20 Million DM.

"A plus" is working with modern techniques and tools. The offices are equipped with CAD (Computer Aided Design)-workstations and the usual -up-to-date- office programms. 

Ralph Schürmann is diplomed engineer and architect and has a long experience in large scale buildings for sport and congregations (stadiums, multi-purpose centers, halls etc.). His speciality are installations for the cycling sport and athletics.

Dace Kalvane is magister of architecture and architect and is still teaching in Riga's Technical University. Her subjects are the History of Architecture and the Theory of Architecture.

In 1999 Dace Kalvane was elected as a member of the board of the Latvian Chamber of Architects.

Our languages are Latvian, English, Russian and German.


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What do we do ?







Public Buildings

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Sport buildings

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Office buildings

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Shops / Stores



Café's / Pubs / Restaurants

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Individual Houses



Interior design

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Delivery of exclusive furniture and equipment

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Where are we ?



The offices of

"A plus"

are located in

LV-1011 Riga / Latvia, Terbatas iela 34

and in

D-48163 Münster / Germany, Schürbusch 26.

Due to international orientation in their profession both owners are travelling a lot. So they can never really predict, where they will be. 
It depends on the needs of the projects and the clients.

"A plus" is also founding member of the international "cta-group".


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SCHÜRMANN ARCHITECTS, specialists for cycle tracks / velodromes




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